Resilient roads not only in Upper Silesia

Marshal of the Słąskie province Jakub Chełstowski declared the honorary patronage to the "Resilient roads" initiative - a joint undertaking of the Polish Road Congress and the Polish Chamber of Road Industry.

"Resilient roads" initiative aims at popularizing sustainable road constructions. It was not accidental that Sląskie province was chosen for its start. For many years, the Regional Roads Authority in Katowice has systematically used advanced solutions to increase road durability. The basis of these activities is a comprehensive approach to the road as a whole and all its layers: ground base, lower layers and upper pavement structures.

In a recent letter to the marshal of the Silesian province, the President of the Managing Board of PChRI (OIGD) Barbara Dzieciuchowicz and the President of the Congress’ Management Board Zbigniew Kotlarek emphasized that the innovative experience of RRA (ZDW in Polish) in Katowice in the area of pavement construction deserve recognition as good practices in all Polish road construction industry. ZDW in Katowice, as the only one in Poland, has developed its own, updated Technical Guidelines for the construction of the pavement. Among the innovative solutions worth mentioning are the use of highly modified bitumens with admixture of polymers, thanks to which such asphalt is more flexible at different temperatures, which results in greater resistance to cracks and fatigue. On the Silesian voivodship roads, the stabilization of the substrate, which is to permanently increase its load bearing capacity, is also widely used.

The intention of PKD and OIGD – letter reads - is the dissemination of these solutions and the generally innovative approach to the construction of road surfaces. For the initiative, both organizations invite the world of science, road managers and road companies.

The long-term goal of the initiative is to promote solutions for reducing gas emissions, energy consumption and protecting natural resources, as well as promoting the principles of the circular economy. Improvement of pavement resistance to fatigue and low temperature cracks, use of bituminous binders with properties corresponding to changing climatic conditions in Poland (especially in the low temperature range), application of technologies with reduced temperatures of production and compaction of asphalt mixtures, increased use of local mineral resources and materials from recycling, which will reduce environmental pollution caused by transport and exploitation of new deposits - all this may be a contribution of road construction companies to achieving climate policy goals.

In response, Marshal J. Chełstowski expressed his conviction that the "Resilient Roads" project will become a platform for all those who want to work for the development of roads in Poland and declared to bestow his patronage to the initiative. It will officially be launched during the VII Silesian Road Industry Forum in Katowice, which convenes on June 5-6th. The initiators of "Resilient Roads" have already appointed the Program Council, headed by professor at the Lublin University of Technology, dr hab. Janusz Bohatkiewicz.

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