Roads connect friends

From October 3rd to 5th Polish Road Congress hosted an integration conference of road administrations of the bordering regions of Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The PIARC national committees in these countries will propose further joint operations.

The conference was held in the town of Lipowa near Żywiec, in a place not far from the place in which borders of the three countries meet. The main topic were cross-border road projects, supported by the European Union within the frame of the INTERREG programme.

All suchg projects must be prepared and implemented in an international partnership - reminded Witold Wieczorek from the Department of Territorial Cooperation of the Ministry of Investment and Development of the Republic of Poland. At least one partner from Poland and at least one partner from the neighboring country must participate in the project. One of the partners acts as a beneficiary / lead partner, but the actions implemented must bring benefits on both sides of the border.

Poland - Czech Republic

In the INTERREG Poland-Czech Republic program, EUR 250.4 million is planned for projects, and the maximum co-financing rate may amount to 85%. 60 per cent of the program's budget can be devoted to "developing natural and cultural potential for supporting employment" and that also includes road projects. 51.5 million euros have been allocated for them. Two calls were made, as a result of which 7 projects were co-financed, which exhausted the available allocation. On the Polish side, these projects involve the Lower Silesian Voivodship, and on the Czech side: the regions of Hradec Kralove, Liberec and Pardubice.

Poland - Slovakia

The value of the INTERREG Poska - Slovakia program is 182.4 million euro. Under this program, EUR 55.8 million, or 36% of the budget, is to support sustainable cross-border transport. Co-financed can be: construction and modernization of roads enabling connection with the Trans-European Transport Network and creation of an integrated network facilitating communication between partner countries. On the Polish side, the following regions participate in the projects: Małopolskie and Podkarpackie, and from Slovakia the are: regions of Presov and Zilina. In total, 12 road projects were selected for the financing of the Poland-Slovakia program, exhausting the available allocation.

Good cooperation of neighboring countries

The conference was organized by the Polish Road Congress as the National Committee for Poland of the World Road Association PIARC. It was attended by the heads of the national PIARC committees from the Czech Republic: Vaclav Neuvirt (chairman of the PIARC National Committee of the Czech Republic) and Petr Mondschein (president of the Czech Road Society) and Slovakia: chairman of the National Committee Jan Sedivy and member of the authorities of the Slovak Road Society Dusan Stofa. During the tripartite meeting, it was agreed to strengthen cooperation, ensure mutual invitations to important program projects and joint organization of undertakings similar to that in Lipowa. Polish and Slovak road associations also declared their support for Prague's candidacy for the organization of the 27th World Road Congress in 2023.

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