Polish Road Congress

Polish Road Congress is a broad, non-political platform for cooperation of people willing to ensure highest possible and uniform standards to Polish roads. The organization operates on a non-profit basis, in the legal form of an association. It brings together over 150 individual members and 35 supporting companies.

In present form, it was registered as an association in 2005, following founding declaration by 19 prominent Polish road circles representantives. When Polish Road Congress was established, it mirrored the structure of World Road Association. There are Technical Committees dealing with specific groups of technological issues of road construction and maintenance. These are Committees or Working Groups: on Bitumen Pavements, on Concrete Pavements, on Road Safety, on Design Works, on Bridges and on Road Asset Management.


The history of the Polish Road Congress traces back to 1925, when the 8th Congress of Road Engineers in Warsaw put forward the idea of establishing Polish Road Congress. It was meant to refer to the World Road Congress. Polish road engineers were familiar with its operations right from the start, although the country did not exist on the political map of Europe untill 1918.

The overall state of roads at the time of re-gained independnce of the nation lefty much to be desired. "In Poland, the road industry is more neglected than other area of economic life, and Polish roads are suffering from difficult and pressing problems. There is an urgent need for improvements and reorganization. They are issues of economic, technical or financial nature and not political."

These words were spoken by Eng. Melchior Wladyslaw Nestorowicz at the opening ceremony of the Polish Road Congress in January 1928. The roadmakers were keen to make a contribution to the modernization of the country. Those were the main subjects of the first Polish Road Congress and three that followed until the Second World War.

Goals for 2025

The annual Generall Meeting of the members of the association in June 2017 adopted "Congress 2025" strategy which sets the goals for for the 100th anniversary of Poland's Road Congress in 2025.

The strategy assumes that PKD will be an internationally recognized principal representative of the Polish road circles. It will serve as an intermediary in the flow of knowledge between world and Polish road research and practise. The leading program activities organized by Congress will be of international format. PKD will be an opinion-making representative of the road industry as a whole, especially in the field of technology.

We want to remain an important partner of the political authorities in matters related to road administration. Year 2019 marks the 200th anniversary of road administration in Poland. Polish Road Congress will propose a new piblic roads act to be voted by Parliament by that time. The present law, adopted in 1985 is outdated and does not comply with modern road management.

Structure and authorities

The General Assembly of members, held annually is the supreme authority of the association. Every five years the Managing Board of 7 mebers is elected. In the present term, ending March 2020, the President of tha Managin Board is Mr Zbigniew Kotlarek.


Polish Road Congress

ul. Jagiellońska 80

03-301 Warsaw

tel / fax (22) 675 08 15


e-mail: biuro@kongresdrogowy.pl