International conference on-line: Sustainable roads and eco-infrastructures: new challenges

Took place

The aim of this event is to facilitate an open and constructive dialogue between researchers and practitioners based on research and practical experience in order to foster a better understanding of roads sustainability and ecoinfrastructures in the context of energy transition and climate change.

Researchers and practitioners from all countries, especially PIARC member countries, are going to attend the conference and share their knowledge and experience regarding the following subjects:

  • Impact of roads and traffic on the environment
  • Methods and devices protecting human and natural environment
  • The impact of climate change on roads resilience and sustainability
  • New technologies, materials, trends
  • COVID-19 impact on human and natural environment


Day 1 - May 18th(Tuesday)

10:00 Inaugural Session 1

  • Opening remarks – Zbigniew Kotlarek, President of the Polish Road Congress, Claude Van Rooten, PIARC President, Tomasz Żuchowski GDDKiA, First Delegate of PIARC in Poland, Krzysztof Zwolan, Deputy Director of GDDKiA in Lublin, Zbigniew Pater, Rector of Lublin University of Technology
  • Development of an environmentally friendly road network – Tomasz Żuchowski GDDKiA, First Delegate of PIARC in Poland
  • Eric Dimnet – The work of PIARC’s technical committee “Environmental Sustainability in Road Infrastructure and Transport” during the cycle 2020-2023 TC 3.4 Chair, 20’

Q&A 15’

11:25-11:45 break

11:45 Session 2 - Impact of roads and traffic on the environment

  • Fauna passages, Elke Hahn, Austria TC 3.4 PIARC 15’
  • Fauna passages, Janusz Bohatkiewicz or GDDKiA (Polish Road Administration) 15’
  • Buried transportation structures in technical, economical and ecological terms, Piotr Tomala, ViaCon, 15’
  • Archeological investigations - the case study of roads S17 and S19 - GDDKiA branch in Lublin experience, Marta Kowalska, GDDKiA Lublin, 15’
  • A new footbridge in Ludowy Park in Lublin, one of the most impressive built so far – Sławomir Karaś, Department of Road and Bridges of the Lublin University of Technology, 15’

Q&A 15’

13:15-13:30 break

13:30 Session 3 - Methods and devices protecting human and natural environment

  • Acoustic durability of noise-reducing asphalt surfaces, Stefan Pölzlbauer, Austria, TC 3.4 PIARC, 15’
  • Optimisation of noise protection methods - the national road nr 94, Maciej Hałucha, Janusz Bohatkiewicz, Lublin University of Technology, 15’
  • A quiet surface on Road 94 - material and technological conditions, Wojciech Sorociak, Eurovia Poland, Silesian University of Technology, 15'
  • Analysis of the impact of noise barriers on real estate values, Jean Dubé, Canada, TC 3.4 PIARC, 15’
  • Noise impacts evaluation on fauna near motorways: the evaluation biases in verges, Eric Guinard, France TC 3.4, 15’
  • Q&A 15’

    15:00 End of Day 1

    Day 2 - May 19th (Wednesday)

    10:00 Session 4 - The impact of climate change on road resilience and sustainability

    • Energy, climate and sustainability of road transport – Eric Dimnet, TC 3.4 PIARC, 15’
    • Climate Change Adaptation for National Roads in Poland, GDDKiA – Grzegorz Łutczyk, Senior Specialist, Department of Budget and EU Projects, General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways in Poland, Elisabet Vila Jordà, Senior Transport Specialist, Regional Transport Advisory Division JASPERS, PJ Mobility Department, EIB, 15'
    • Road drainage systems digital adaptation to the climate change, Paweł Licznar, PANDA, 15’
    • Concrete – a durable material for road surfaces construction, Jan Deja, AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow, Polish Cement Assosiation,15’
    • Asphalt road surfaces in the face of climate change, Krzysztof Błażejowski, ORLEN Asfalt, 15'
    • SMA 11 with the use of HiMA 45/80-80 asphalt and glacial aggregate, Przemysław Kulmaczewski, UNIBEP S.A.,

      Q&A 15’

      11:45-12:00 break

      12:00 Session 5 - New technologies, materials, trends

      • Recycling literature review in PIARC, Emanuele Toraldo, Italy, TECHNICAL COMMITTEE 4.1 Pavements, 15’
      • Pavement optimisation using biaxial geogrids as a way to reduce a project's carbon footprint, Piotr Mazurowski, Pavement Optimisation Systems Manager, Tensar, 15’
      • A brief look on the state-of-the-art on road pavements noise reduction technologies, Nicolae Ciont, Romania, TC 3.4, 15’
      • Proecological additives used in mineral-asphalt mixtures with reclaimed asphalt pavement, Michał Wróbel, Agnieszka Woszuk, Wojciech Franus, Lublin University of Technology, 15’
      • Noise Diffraction - an innovative way for reducing traffic noise, Bart Willems, 4SilenceBV, Holland, 15’
      • ELANORE Project - Improvement of the EU tyre labelling system for noise and rolling resistance, Grzegorz Ronowski, 15’

      Q&A 15’

      13:45-14:00 break

      14:00 Session 6 - Impact of COVID-19 on human and natural environment

      • PIARC response team report, Patrick Mallejacq, PIARC Secretary General, 15’
      • The impact on road traffic and communication in cities, Andrzej Szarata, 15’
      • Road accidents in Poland during the COVID-19 pandemic, Mirosław Bajor, 15’
      • PIARC’s Response to COVID-19 and Connections to the Environment, Caroline Evans, National Transport Comission, Principal Policy Advisor, Australia, PIARC, 15’
      • The measurements of national road traffic in Poland during the pandemic, Jakub Maśkiewicz, GDDKiA, 15’

      Q&A ‘15

      15:30 closing remarks

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