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The General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways and the Polish Road Congress - The National Committee of the World Road Association PIARC invite to join the RODEO V4 - competition of snow plow operators from the Visegrad Group countries.

The event will take place on October 27-29, 2019 at Moto Park in Krakow, 4R Rzepakowa street (Nowa Huta district). The accommodation base for the participants will be the Grand Sal **** hotel in nearby town of Wieliczka - address: Park Królowej Kingi 7.

The specification of vehicles configured for the competition:

1. DAF LF320 lorry, box body (as in the picture), year of manufacture 2018

2. Schmidt Galeox G2B10952 sandblaster, year of manufacture 2018, 5 cubic meters sand spreader capacity, 4,000 litres brine tank capacity.

3. SNK snow plow type SNK 34.2, year of manufacture 2018, width of the plow 3.4m

Detailed description of the events

The competition will consist of four single events:

K1 (Lancelot)

Exercise (task) involves time-measured and precise drive with simultaneous collecting rings located on an appropriate rack, using a lance. Lance is a device mounted by the organizer on the vehicle intended for the task, consisting of a 2-meter plastic pole ended with a rubber tip and a frame or mounting magnet.

The proposed place to perform the exercise is asphalt surface combined with the slip plate

Assessment criteria:

Hitting the rack means adding to the obtained time 150% of the worst time obtained among the participants (0 points).

Each ring collected is one point. There is no need to bring the rolls to the finish line, however, as the ring falls, it is forbidden to hover over it. Hovering over the puck means adding to the participant's time 150% of the worst time obtained among the participants (-1 POINT FOR EACH PIECE).

The rules may change if the weather conditions make it impossible to perform the exercise correctly.

The participant stands next to the vehicle. At the "start" signal, he starts the engine, fastens his seat belt and performs the exercise.

An unbuckled belt means adding to the participant's time 150% of the worst time obtained among participants (0 points).

K2 (Stewart’s test)

Exercise (event) consists in riding a slalom between 70 cm high posts. A metal plate is placed on the vehicle, with a ball on it. The minimum number of posts is 8.

Start and finish will be marked with separators.

The participant, after the "start" signal, picks the keys from the table at the starting line, gets into the vehicle, closes the door and fastens the seat belt. The end of the exercise is to stop the vehicle in the designated place, apply the emergency (hand) brake and turn off the engine.

Assessment criteria:

- hitting a post is additional 2 seconds penalty

- a dropped ball means means the driver has to stop the vehicle, get out and place the ball back in the right place, and continue driving (seat belts must be fastened).

An open safety belt means adding 150% of the worst time to the participant's time (0 points).

Emergency brake not applied when stopped means 2 seconds penalty.

Incorrect stopping is 2 seconds penalty.

K3 (Emergency braking while bypassing the obstacle)

The driver approaches the slip plate (irrigated).

The vehicle runs with a speed of not less than 40 km / h and the driver starts emergency braking at the designated place. A row of posts is set, the driver selects on which side he wants to bypass the posts and then returns to the original direction.

The actual braking distance in meters is assessed - the smaller the better the result.

Additional assessment criteria:

- brake prematurely pressed (repeat exercise)

- prematurely applied brake once again means adding to the participant's time 150% of the worst result obtained among the participants

- speed less than 40 km / h - adding to the participant's time 150% of the worst result obtained among the participants (0 points)

- hitting a post means 2 meters additional penalties added to the result.

Note: There is a camera in the vehicle that monitors the driver's behavior and the actual speed of the vehicle.

K4 (Turn-Wise)

The driver drives slalom on the designated track. The vehicle is equipped with a testing device which measures smoothness of driving and the driver’s selection of the optimal and safe track. The device shows points on its screen - the less points, the better the score.

Start and finish are in the designated place. Between starting and finishing lines there will be a set of posts to force drivers drive be more careful and precise.

The goal of the driver is not a shorter time, but the precision and smoothness of driving.

TuirnWise details



October 27 (Sunday)

From 16:00 on, arrival of participants, check-in at Grand Sal Hotel in Wieliczka

19:30 – 21:30 dinner at the hotel

October 28 (Monday)

7:00 breakfast, check out from the hotel for drivers

8:00 departure to Krakow

8:30 - 9:00 registration of competitors

9:00 - 10:00 training session

10:00 Rodeo V4 opening ceremony

10:15 - 11:30 The first round of the competition

11:30 - 12:15 refreshment break

12:30 - 13:45 The second round of the competition

14:00 end of competition, closing ceremony, lunch at Moto Park, departure of participants (drivers), official delegations’ members go back to the hotel

16:30 seminar "Winter road maintenance in the practice of road administration of the V4 countries" (presentations from individual countries prepared by road administrations)

19:30 - 23:30 social evening - dinner at the ancient Wieliczka Salt Mine

October 29 (Tuesday)

8:00 breakfast, check out

Terms of participation:

From each country of the Visegrad Group, 3 competitors and optionally 3 accompanying persons (crew members) participate in the competition. In addition, three teams will compete from Poland as the host country outside the competition (so-called "wild cards"). These people pay for hotel accommodation - for a single room: PLN 301.32 gross, for a place in a double room: PLN 172.26 gross. Each driver also enters an entry fee of PLN 250 (around EUR 58 at the average exchange rate).

Participants bear the costs of transport to the place. The organizers provide equipment for the competition.

Applications for participation will be accepted electronically to the following address: no later than 22nd of October. The application should include: name, surname, function (driver or accompanying person) and represented company / organization. It should also be stated if the person will stay at the Grand Sal Hotel in Wieliczka.

The entry fee (250 PLN = 58 EUR) should be paid by bank transfer to the account of the Polish Road Congress: Alior Bank S.A. PL 77 2490 0005 0000 4520 9168 6331 prior to the competition.

General Regulations

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