October 11th World Road Day

On October 11, the World Road Day is celebrated. It was proclaimed to commemorate the opening of the first World Road Congress in Paris on this day in 1908.

The initiative to establish such a day was put forward by the European Union Road Federation ERF and the Ministry of Public Works of Spain, and supported by the World Road Association PIARC. The intention is to draw attention to the importance of roads for the functioning of the contemporary economy and society. "Nothing would be the same without the road" - this is the slogan that will be repeated in almost all languages on that day. We in Poland have our known comparison of routes to the arteries in the bloodstream of the body. May this day be an opportunity to reflect on its accuracy.

Road associations operating all over the world, including the Polish Road Congress, join the campaign. Day celebrations are mostly virtual in nature: road organizations and all those who feel connected to roads are asked to mark this event on social media: Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Personal posts are also welcome about what comes to mind when thinking about roads.

Polecane artykuły

Polish Road Congress president Zbigniew Kotlarek (left) and the chairman of the Slovakian Road Society Jan Sedivy jointly open the conference in Lipowa

Roads connect friends

From October 3rd to 5th Polish Road Congress hosted a conference of road administrations of the bordering regions of Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The event will be repeated next year.

European Road Conference in Dubrovnik

"Corridors for Shared Prosperity" is the title of the European Road Conference, which will take place on October 20-22 in Dubrovnik (Croatia). Registration for the event is still open!

Roads of the future in Olsztyn and Ryn

Roads of the future - for the first time under this slogan, and for the fifth time in general, the Warmia&Mazury Road Forum was held on 24-25 September. This is one of the oldest regional PKD conferences.